Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is in the Bag, January 6, 2011

Well, I was a bit worried about what I would find this morning at the rainy market, especially with the dire news I have been getting about the recent freezes. But I was happily surprised to not only find a good selection - but alot of Florida produce as well.� We have 16different items this week! Actually, the bag is pretty heavy, so be careful with the handles. I would pick it up from the bottom.�

As always, please feel free to share recipes and ideas to this list. I will try to add some more ideas this later this evening. Thanks and Enjoy!


So, here is what is in your bag...

4 fresh red delicious apples
pineapple - leave on your counter for few days to ripen
shallots a mellow mix between garlic and onion - really good in salad dressing
dirty romaine lettuce - picked within the last 24 hours, purchased from the picker, soak in the sink, Florida grown
eggplant - Florida grown, we slice them, brush with olive oil, oven roast and eat them as a snack
bag of cherry tomatoes - Florida grown
2 garden tomatoes - Florida grown
4 tangerines for snacks and kids lunches - Florida grown
4 perfect bananas - for kids lunches, smoothies, or bananas foster! my kids said this were "real" bananas!
8 pickling cucumbers - these are our favorites for salads, less watery and more flavor filled, unwaxed- so you can eat the skin
bunch of strawberry onions
1 sweet onion - ready now for the grill or your salad
1 green bell pepper - Florida grown
2 red bell peppers - Florida grown
1 savoy cabbage -Florida grown, read about them here
jalapeno pepper - in case you want to make some salsa or spice up a pot of hoppin john
herb plant (either basil or flat leaf parsley)