Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is in the Bag, February 17, 2011

Holy Cow! We had a big shock today at the market. There was a pretty bad freeze out west that drove up produce prices two and three times there normal price! It was crazy! Despite it - I think we came up with a great bag full of lots of healthy produce (with a big percentage coming from Florida). I am thinking some fresh salsa for the weekend. And definitely some grilling and roasting is in my future:) I will post some recipes later today. Here is what you are getting:

2# new potatoes
3 big and pretty lemons - did you know drinking lemon juice helps prevent kidney stones?
1# green beans
1 red onion
bag of hot - (2 jalapenos and 2 super hot serrano) - these are great for both Mexican and Asian cooking
1 bunch of cilantro
4 yellow squash - grilled, baked, steamed...what is your favorite way to eat squash?
1 very big dirty romaine
2 bunches of Swiss Chard - sauteed or grilled you will be a super health ninja by eating these greens!
3 anjou pears (these are good with some cheese and wine, but I am also thinking about cooking them up with some butter, sugar and vanilla and having it over ice cream)
1 cauliflower - I can not eat enough roasted cauliflower.
3 red tomatoes
3 yellow tomatoes
grape tomatoes
(tomatoes were one of the crops that skyrocketed)

Happy Eating! (and don't forget to wash your veggies!