Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is in the Bag, January 20, 2011

4 sweet potatoes - we bake these into fries and they are so good, just chop them into wedges or fries, roll them around in olive oil in a bowl or on the baking sheet, add salt/pepper/anything else you want, bake at 450 for 15 (the time really depends on if they are thick or thin). they are so caramely and sweet - they taste like candy!

2 red navel florida oranges (the marks on the skin are bc they are not heavily sprayed)

red onion

dirty curly green leaf lettuce

bunch of spinach - good for salad (with bacon, hard boiled egg and red onion) or wilted in a big pan with garlic and then sprinkled with some vinegar

3 honey crisp apples - these would love to meet some cheese and wine, they are super crispy. we are going to eat ours with fondue.

cauliflower - bought from the grower, picked last night, they were grown next to a purple cf patch - so if yours has some purple, that is why:)

4 florida cucumbers - here is a recipe from a few years ago, we love them like this too!

bunch of baby apple bananas - leave on counter to ripen for later in the week, kids love these. you can freeze them on stick too and then dip them in chocolate

2 haas avocados - leave on counter to ripen, they are ready when they are black, we eat alot of avocado just mushed into our ceasar salad, or make a simple guacamole (mashed avocado, mashed garlic and a bit on lemon and salt). Here is how to get the goods out

radishes - eat raw, slice onto salad or sandwiches, my kids like them sliced with smears of butter and crunchy salt on them.

tomato bag - 2 red, 3 yellow, bunch of grape tomatoes

bag of cherries - not local, but yummy! a good dessert for tonight!

herb to plant (thyme or mint) we use thyme alot in deserts to add a really interesting kick (try vanilla ice cream, with a little honey and a sprinkle of thyme)

and one turnip - this was all i could get from this cool old farmer. he grew these "with the good Lord" and consulted an almanac so they would grow with out pesticide. so, we can all try one. you can eat the greens (as you would any other green) and the bottom can be eaten raw (just matchstick like you would a carrot) or baked, steamed, grilled... with whatever vegetables you are cooking. since it is so little and special, i would eat it raw in salad. i truly believe you will get some of this guy's good vibes by eating the food he grew with love. and i will try to get some of his collards next time. if you don't think you like collards - wait till you hear how i cook them - vegetarian, and crazy good flavor!�

Happy Eating! We will be back in two weeks!