Thursday, February 17, 2011

salsa in 5 minutes

We are so spoiled around here. We really hate jarred (cooked) salsa - especially when it is so easy to make. For this quick method we use the food processor that is kept on the counter. If you do have one, or it is in the back of your cabinet, you can just hand chop it.  Into the processor, throw:

grape tomatoes/rough chopped garden tomatoes (1/2 - 3/4 full)
lemon juice
little hunk of red onion
cilanto leaves (we use a whole bunch, because we love it)
jalepeno (take the seeds out to enjoy the freshness without the heat)

We do not add salt because it just does not seem to need it. Many times you can substitute lemon or vinegar and never miss the salt. Plus, if you are eating it with chips, they are loaded with sodium.

Pulse for a bit until it is the chunkyness you like.

That is it! Eat with chips, on fish or chicken, with some beans and rice - whatever! It is fat and salt free and adds huge flavor to your plate.