Thursday, March 3, 2011

More inspiration for this week....

Here is a great recipe that I ran a few years ago. You can even use the corn and zucchini add ins!

How about grilled pole beans?

or pole beans in a more traditional way.

For the eggplant, I usually just cut, brush with olive oil and then roast (in the oven or on the grill). If I can bear to not eat it that minute, I keep it in a glass jar in the fridge and add to sandwiches and pizza during the week.

I think the basil would be great chopped up in your favorite homemade salad dressing. Mine is usually a combo of garlic, mustard, olive oil, lemon and sometimes a splash of fish sauce or maple syrup. The important thing is the ratio (3 oils to 1 vinegar). The rest is up to your imagination.