Thursday, March 3, 2011


I grew up hating collards. We did not really eat them at home, so I mostly had them at school (when the cafeteria ladies cooked meals). Maybe it was the mushy texture, or the smoky hamhock. Anyways, here is my version, which is fast, super tasty and vegetarian.

devein a bunch of collards - This is really easy, you do not even have to use a knife and cutting board. Just hold the collards upside down and rip them off the rib. Then rip them up into bite size pieces. (Rinse them off too)

In a wide bottomed pan, saute some garlic in olive oil. Add in the collards and using tongs, flip around until they begin to wilt. Turn the heat down and cover for a few minutes to finish cooking (you can add in a bit of water or stock at this point if you need to).

That is it! We love them with rice and black eyed peas or with a fried egg for breakfast. Sprinkle them with some vinegar or Chrystal hot sauce to make them really bright.

You can also cook collards in your vegetable soup or even juice them with your carrot juice (that is what I am drinking right now). They are super easy to grow in your home garden too.

Collards are a great source of vitamin C, fiber and have virtually no calories. They are also purported to have cancer fighting properties.

Enjoy! And feel free to share your favorite way to prepare them (even if it includes hamhock:)