Thursday, September 8, 2011

whats in the bag - September 8, 2011

6 Idaho potatoes - these can make a meal in themselves! this blog post explains

6 Vidalia onions - try this onion tarte - it is unbelievable!

2 big heads of romaine

5 freshly picked Paula Red apples - really tasty and unique

5 green bell peppers - these do not last around here, but they do freeze well

quart of prune plums (little plums) - will be ripe in a day or so, perfect for kid lunches and quick grab fridge snacks, we might cook some down into a jam

bag of sugar snap peas - my kids eat these up raw - but I love them in stir fry

4 peaches - leave on your counter for a day or two to ripen

6 plum tomatoes - insane prices this week, the Florida crops will not be in for another month and the hurricanes have decimated northern crops

3 beefsteak tomatoes

rosemary plant - plant now and use all fall and winter

see you next month!

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